We know. You look at us and don't immediately think Web Design or Identity Solutions. Don't let the name fool you. We know the hardships of being a stand alone business in a sea of industry giants therefore we appeal to the everyday "Joe" and "Jane" out there. Whether you're net savvy or technologically challenged we're here to accommodate your Internet Presense needs. Not everyone has the thousands of dollars needed to commission their website construction or create a visual identity for themselves. That's where we come into the picture. For over a decade now we have impressed clients with our First Class One-on-One Customer Support and Top Notch Quality Service.

In this day and age, it's unofficially mandatory to have a web presence if you want to be taken seriously. More often than not you are judged by how your website looks even before people read what you have to say. It's a very unfortunate truth but think about how many times you have surfed around and come across poorly constructed websites and have immediately been turned off despite what their message or concept is. Many inexperienced people put together websites with the purest intentions in mind but fall short in the execution. Rising music or acting stars and young up-and-coming businesses have consistently fallen into the trap of having very little finances to start off but are in desperate need of a web identity. Founded in 1998 on the principle of helping the "little guy" out, our goal is to provide affordable and high quality web, print and digital work to those in need of it. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for price.

We put the power of creation in your hands! How many times have you contracted work and ended up getting the designer's vision and not yours. Our hands on approach to communicating with our clients puts us right inside your mind. We work with you closely through the creative process; applying your ideas and making you aware of all the benefits and downsides. We're not satisfied until you are satisfied. In the fast paced world of the Generation Net, no one has time to waste with false promises and jaded ambitions. We put everything on the table so that there is no confusion or miscommunication down the road. If we can not do it, you are told immediately. That's what sets us apart from the rest - brutal honesty.

If you are paying hard earned money for a product or service you should get what you want, not told what you want. Here we aim to bring that vision to life. Welcome to Zen Assassins.com!

For more information, questions or comments email us at information @ zenassassins.com.

Having a Web Identity could be the difference between success and failure for many. However many designers, programmers, and artists charge an arm and a leg when you only have a finger to spare. That's where we come in. We offer a wide variety of web and graphic solutions geared towards those trying to get a foot in the door. Some of our services include:

Full Web Design
Let us be your guide to establishing your presence in the fast paced digital realm of the Internet. You can work step by step with our professional designers to create a site that is custom tailored to your vision, easy to use and simple to maintain. We'll work with you from the ground up until you have a fully functional website that is capable of dazzling your target audience.

Website Remodelling
Got a website already, but are in need of a facelift? We can overhaul your current site to reflect your true vision. You'll have an active part in the creation process as we work with you though every facet of redesigning your website.

Web Programming (ASP)
Looking for functionality with a touch of professional style? We now offer Limited Database Programming** features for your website customized for what is needed. Login restricted pages, member databases, e-commerce, etc - just the edge to put you ahead of your competitors.

Identity Solutions
All too often young businesses and talent fade way due to the absence of a pure identity. Let us define your image through use of our Identity Solution Services. We'll design everything from your logo to business cards and letterheads to help make your presence known to the world. Choose between our Full Services or any individual service.

- Services Available -
[Full] - IncludesFull Web Design as well as Logo, Business Card, and Letterhead Design (if needed)
[Print] - Includes Logo, Business Card, and Letterhead Design
[Logo Design]
[Business Card]

Graphic Illustration
This is the heart and soul of Zen Assassins.com. This organization was founded through our love for graphic art therefore we take pride in offering visually stunning, full color or black and white, custom artwork for your own personal or professional use. We cover a wide variety of areas in order to suit your needs. Poster Design, CD/DVD Covers, Character Illustrations, Tattoo Artwork, Promotional Design Items, Brochure / Annual Report Designs, Storyboarding, Conceptual Design Development, Digital Illustration, and Comic Book / Editorial Graphics. We also cover a many aspects of printwork such as: T-shirt and Skateboard Graphics, Sticker Design, Flyers, One-Sheets, Advertisement Designs, Calendars, etc. Our motto is, "Your imagination is the only limitation".

- Available Services -
[Poster Design]
[CD / DVD /Blu Ray Cover Design]
[Character Illustration]
[Tattoo Artwork]
[Promotional Design / Brochure / Annual Report Designs]
[Storyboarding / Conceptual Design Development]
[Digital Illustration & Manipulation / Photo Cleaning & Editing / Editorial Graphics]
[T-shirt / Skateboard Graphics]
[Flyers / One-Sheets / Advertisement Designs / Calenders]

* Classic ASP programming only. No PHP programming offered at this time.

For a free quote contact us at request @ zenassassins.com

Below you'll find several samples of our Full Identity Solution services.The clients who comissioned these projects worked hand-in-hand with our designers throughout the entire design process from initial drafting till the last HTML file was uploaded. The end result is their vision brought to life. We don't believe in trying to convince you that our designs are what you want. We function simply as the hands, tools and means to accomplish what you have stuck inside yoru head.

CGV Marketing Logo
CGV Marketing Website

Site: CGV Marketing - Status: Defunct
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Flash
Comments: Business website for NYC based production and marketing company CGV. Both the logo and site design were included in this project. To view a local copy of the site click here.

Jazz in the Spirit Logo
Jazz in the Spirit Website

Site: Jazz in The Spirit  - Status: Active
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Flash
Comments: Personal website for NY based Jazz Musician Richard D'Abreau. Both the logo and site design were included in this project.

Jon Gall Logo
Jon Gall Website

Site: Jon Gall  - Status: Active
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Flash
Comments: Personal website for NY based Entrepeneur & Motivational Speaker Jon Gall. Both the logo and site design were included in this project.

Robson Legal & More Logo
Jon Gall Website

Site: Robson Legal & More - Status: Active
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Flash
Comments: Personal website for Ontario, CA based Paralegal & Personal Assistant Stephanie Robson. Both the logo and site design were included in this project.

Pimped Out Real Estate Logo

Pimped Out Real Estate Website

Site: Pimped Out Real Estate - Status: Active
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Classic ASP Programming
Comments: Real estate website for Ontario, CA based Real Estate Agent Jon Flynn. Both the logo and site design were included in this project. Site also includes member signup, secure login, administrator area and various dynamically driven database applications.

The Pugilist Logo

The Pugilist Website

Site: The Pugilist, - Status: Active
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, (Minor) Classic ASP Programming
Comments: Merchandise website for Canadian Professional Boxer George Chuvalo. Both the logo and site design were included in this project. Site also includes waiting list signup & automatic emailer.

Saraswati Davies Logo

Saraswati Davies Website

Site: Saraswati Davies - Status: Active
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Classic ASP Programming
Comments: Personal & professional website for Ontario, CA based Astrologist Saraswati Davies. Both the logo and site design were included in this project. Site also includes member signup, secure login, administrator area and various dynamically driven database applications.

Smart Marketing Group Logo

Smart Marketing Group Website

Site: Smart Marketing Group - Status: Active
Components: XHTML Compliant, CSS, JavaScripting
Comments: Professional website for Philidelphia, PA based marketing executive Leslie R. Wolff. Both the logo and site design were included in this project.

Tarnia Website

Site: Tarnia (2007) - Status: Depricated
Components: HTML, CSS, JavaScripting, Flash
Comments: Personal website for United Kingdom based recording artist Tarnia. The website is still active but ahs since been remodelled by another design firm. To view a local copy of the 2007 site click here

Over the years we've been asked thousands of questions regarding how we do business. Finally we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list to help better understand some of the finer aspects of operation.

Why don't you interact or do business via telephone?
Simply put, telephone communication is a clumsy medium. All too often when brokering arrangements on the telephone information is lost, not reported, or misconstrued. This inevitably leads to a breakdown in communication as he said / she said wars ensue. What we found out over the years is that email correspondence is by far the most accurate and reliable form of doing business - provided both sides uphold their end of the deal. Emails serve as a written record of communication between the contracted parties and can easily be referred to in order to limit miscommunications. Some have balked at this "No Phone" policy but the majority agrees that it is the best means to not only convey details but lower communication costs as well. All messages to us are responded to within 48 hours. We don't believe in stringing people along so you get your replies often as quickly as you send them.

How can I pay for projects I request?
Since we are an online based organization, we do the majority of our transactions via Pay Pal. If you are not familiar with Pay Pal please visit their website to get a better idea of how they operate. You must be a member in order to do credit card transactions with us (but sign up is free). Our Pay Pal Payment Address will be supplied upon completion of the project(s). However, if you wish to pay via Check or Money Order that can be arranged as well. The Mailing Address will be provided upon finalization of the project(s).

Do I have to pay in advance?
Never. Bottom line is we are strongly against receiving money for "promised" work. Here at Zen Assassins.com you pay for what you see. For a complete breakdown of how the system works please view our Operational Breakdown PDF. It outlines step by step the process of doing business with us from start to finish.

Do I get a receipt after all is said and done?
Yes you do upon completion of the project(s). It's a general billing statement for your records that lists the Terms of Use as well a listing of the project(s), price(s), and total(s).

Do you provide hosting?
No. Zen Assassins.com does not provide hosting for Full Web Design projects. The client must have Web Hosting sorted out prior to project proposal. If the client is incapable of or unwilling to locate Hosting Services on their own a Consultation Fee of $25 is charged by the contractor. An Independent Contractor Agreement and Terms of Service Contract is provided at the beginning of the project(s) conception for the client to review.

There's a lot of "we" in your statements but I've only dealt with one person. How many of you are there really?
Our numbers change with the times. Sometimes there are one or two of us. Sometimes dozens. Rest assured though there is always at least one person here to answer the call of duty.

I lost my Client Login information and in order to get my username and password I have to enter my email address. How do I know what email address you used to create the account?
More than likely whatever email address you are communicating with the contractor through is the one that was used unless specified otherwise by you at the time of creation. If you changed your email address after having been in the Client Area and can't remember what it was please contact us at registration @ zenassassins.com and send us an inquiry.

Zen Assassins.com Client Area

You can not log into the Client Area if you are not registered. To register please click here. You will receive a confirmation email upon approval of regsitration information. If you are already a registered member and have forgotten your login information please click here.